11.03 → 02.07.2023 — Exhibition

Charming for the Revolution

01.04.2023 — Performance


08.04.2023 — Jester Film

Maryam Tafakory

16.04.2023 — Member Trip

Art Trip
To Den Haag


As a lively organisation for contemporary art, Jester works hands-on to create distinctive projects, in which development and presentation are central. The combination of living (residency), working (studios and workplaces) and making public (exhibitions, screenings, performances, and more, both online and offline) generates an ever-changing constellation, where different artistic trajectories can run in parallel or overlap.

Jester is based at the heart of an area in development (on the C-mine site in Genk) – a focal point where various global transformation processes and their economic, ecological, and social consequences become tangible. Genk is located in the heart of Euregio, just a stone’s throw away from Aachen, Dusseldorf, Maastricht, or Liège. A small organisation with big ambitions, Jester operates like a spider in the web of the various collaborations she sets up locally, nationally and internationally.

Jester believes in a more generous world where taking care of each other and making way for the unknown are central and takes some of the principles of improv acting as the base for her programme and organisation:

  • Be Courageous
  • Listen. Truly Listen
  • Be accepting
  • Trust – Others, Yourself and the Unknown
  • Be (in the) present

In her programme, Jester works with outspoken and lesser-heard voices within contemporary art to create a polyphonic, not always harmonious, narrative. Each project can take the form of an exhibition, a long-term research, or an intense production period in one of the workshops – all shapes and variations are possible. While Jester creates a core program around a small group of international artists, she also welcomes artists selected via an open call, who come to Genk to produce works or stay in the residency for research.

Jester was born out of the merger between FLACC and CIAP. Since fall 2021 Jester has been working towards the new organisation that starts its program in 2023.


Alicja Melzacka, Anita Munters, Clara Tashijan, Kevin Reynaert, Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg, Stef Renard, Yesim Bektas

contact: info@jester.be


Rachel Daniels, Virginie Kenis

Mirror Creatures

Carly Rose Bedford, Ghita Skali, Quinsy Gario


Alexandra Tryanova


Brigitte, Dino, Dorien, Emine, Jacqueline, Ludo, Mauro, Rosa, Stijn, Veronique


Annemie Ghekiere (chair), Anne Vangronsveld, Dries Vanrysselberghe, Jo François (treasurer), Johan Smets

General Assembly

Bart Van den Boom, Gilberte Claes, Ilse Van Roy, Jo Janssen, Jurgen Gaethofs, Karen Swyngedauw, Kristof Vrancken, Leon Vliegen, Luc Vints, Michelle Accardo, Mo Ramakers, Patrick Meylaerts, Rachel Hansoul, Rita Ceuppens, Tom Munters.

Supported by

The Flemish Government and the City of Genk.


Jester is a member organization and would like to thank its members for their constant support.

Graphic Design

Alliage and Clément Horard 

Website Development

Florian Fromager, Simon Chambon-Andreani